Archives: January 2014

Alcohol & Violence: A Complex Relationship in Search of Leadership

Alcohol & Violence: A Complex Relationship in Search of Leadership Author: Peter Miller Principal Research Fellow at Deakin University The start of 2014 has seen a tragic, but sadly predictable discussion around Australia about lives lost or hanging in the balance due to violence. All of the high-profile cases involved...

What If You See a Fight?

If you’ve ever encountered a fight before, you’ve probably been filled with conflicting emotions and hard questions. Do you try to break it up by getting between the parties?

Teaching Children to Respect

Discipline is an important part of childhood. But as parents, it can sometimes be difficult to walk the fine line between being strict and scaring your children.

Pilbara to New York

Last week Jahlana Roe and Lisa Marie Rodd headed off to New York with Fiona White-Hartig, Kaye ‘Nanna’ Jones, Finola Woodley and Karna Smith as part of a leadership, cultural exchange tour.

Indigenous Models Inspire

Lisa Marie and Jahlana have returned from New York and are already hard at sharing their experiences with schools and community groups in Roebourne and Karratha.

An insiders view of street violence

Reported by David Eccleston Today Tonight For most of us a night out on the town ends without incident. But some never make it home and others will never be the same again. Take a look at the street violence destroying lives through the eyes of those who live it every...

Extreme Skolling

Extreme skolling: warning of fatal consequences as Neknominate craze takes social media by storm January 14, 2014 Megan Levy, Sydney Morning Herald A new social media craze in which people are encouraged to film themselves skolling alcoholic drinks, including whole bottles of spirits, could have potentially fatal consequences for anyone...

Looking at Kings Cross nights, from both sides

January 12, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald Tom Crookes It’s midnight and I have just parked my car to make my way slowly up the hill towards the nightclub strip in Kings Cross. The fight is over and the poor kid is lying there beaten and bloody. After all the recent...

Sentencing a side issue that won’t end street violence

Sentencing a side issue that won’t end street violence Date: January 14, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald Written by: Pat Easton In the early hours of 2007, at the age of 18, in a quiet residential street about 500 metres from the epicentre of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Newcastle, I was...