About the IF Foundation


luke-adamsEstablished in 2011, the Foundation was set up by the friends and family of Luke Adams (a prominent WAFL player for Swan Districts Football Club).Luke suffered life threatening head injuries during a night out in Perth. Luke’s story is just one example of the impact of senseless violence and antisocial behaviour in the community.

The IF Foundation operates on the premise that community violence is preventable and tackling the issue is the responsibility of the whole community. The foundation’s strategies are strongly guided by the recently released framework developed by ICCWA and North Metropolitan Public Health Unit “Towards a Future Without Violence”

One Punch is Too Many.

The IF Foundation implements and facilitates programs to shape the future of young West Australian’s.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to create stable communities where violence is not perceived as either acceptable or necessary. We will be a leader and catalyst in eradicating violence on our streets working with West Australia’s youth and to shape a bright, positive future them individually and the community at large.

We will achieve this by delivering educational based programs, events and advocacy grounded by research and fact based content throughout Western Australia. We will partner with the local community to ensure a safe, friendly and successful program is delivered.

Who Are We?

We are educators. We are advocates. We are collaborators. We are committed to the healthy and safe development of youth through quality skill-based ’primary’ prevention strategies addressing the reduction of risk and Increase in protective factors.

At the IF Foundation our primary goal is to encourage WA youth to step away from violence and towards an environment that is nurturing and encouraging. Through positive parental interaction and engaging the whole community (both young and old) we believe we can have a positive, bright impact.

What We Do

For the individual

We develop and deliver social and emotional learning programs grounded by research and fact based content to empower the young, their families and communities to make healthy, free choices and peacefully resolve conflict.

For the community

We take prevention education beyond the classroom and into the community through partnerships and events that give kids and their family’s opportunities to demonstrate and celebrate their dedication to living healthy and nonviolent lives.

The People Who Need Our Help

To make a real difference to West Australia’s youth we ensure we assist all parts of their community to encourage a positive environment for the long term.


Healthy behaviours established during childhood protect against future risk and are more likely to be maintained through life.

Teenagers & Adults

Young people – especially males, are at the highest risk and are more likely to engage in harmful behaviours.

Parents & Family

The home environment influences short and long term behaviours for children and parenthood marks a critical stage when adults are more likely to be receptive to health messages.


The home environment influences short and long term behaviours for children and parenthood marks a critical stage when adults are more likely to be receptive to health messages.

Evidence shows that prevention strategies are most effective when arising from, or linking with community engagement (Department of Planning and Community Development 2011). Secondly, community development approaches help build  networks, participation and inclusion. All of which can be protective factors against community.

How We Do It

Community violence and anti-social behaviour touches almost everyone’s life. It does not discriminate, is widespread, harmful and in our opinion of increasing concern.

The IF Foundation takes a public health approach to addressing the issue of community violence in line with recommended strategies from the World Health Organisation (2002) and Injury Control Council of WA (2012) and numerous other green papers.

The IF Foundation provides a platform to tackle community violence and to make a significant difference to the lives of WA’s youth. Our health promotion approach is a process of enabling people to take control over the determinant of their health.

This is achieved through four core elements impacting both the individuals and their communities.


The IF Foundation works closely with our target groups delivering relevant, engaging and culturally sensitive education programs which help develop social, emotional and behavioural skills in a manner that resonates so as to attract our audience not coerce. Primary prevention approaches can be effectively targeted by embedding messaging and education tools into activities that are fun and engaging, like the arts.

The overall aim is to enhance a healthy and peaceful community environment which will lead to success at school and success in employment.  Nurturing the natural creativity of youth in particular and keeping it alive as they advance through the education system and into professional life will play a clear role in building stronger communities.

Awareness & Advocacy

Traditionally violence has been the domain of the criminal justice system. But as the leading cause of death and injury worldwide, and the single largest burden on our healthcare system, it is time to address the root causes by involving all sectors of society in prevention efforts, and raising it’s priority on our State and National agendas.

The IF Foundation aims to raise awareness about the impact of violence and what we can do to make a difference. To achieve and maintain awareness the IF Foundation leverages the strength of the media, social media & high profile Ambassadors to generate discussion in the community about the issue of violence on our streets & position the IF Foundation as the primary not for profit organisation against violence in WA.

The IF Foundation focus is to nurture young people and help them achieve their greatest potential by ensuring they have access to support, guidance & legislation that protects their interests. To effect these large scale population level changes, this means mobilising all sectors of the community to raise it voice, discussing the issue at every available opportunity, especially  public speaking forums and engagements and across their own individual social mediums.


The IF Foundation respects the importance of researching the key driving factors behind violent behaviour and how programs can be tailor made to dramatically reduce youth violence.

The IF Foundation respects the importance of researching the key driving factors behind violent behaviour and how programs can be tailor made to dramatically reduce youth violence.

Research clearly demonstrates that the reduction of factors that place youth at risk of violence and the strengthening of factors that protect youth from violence can occur. Approaches proven to effectively address these factors are available, and a growing body of evidence indicates these approaches can be cost-effective and have long lasting benefits.

Most research is in of an international context, therefore supporting and evaluating locally created solutions can ultimately lead to national models for community based social services that are relevant, culturally sensitive, replicable and scalable. Furthermore, primary prevention strategies aimed at reducing violence can lower the risk of other critical social issues such as alcohol and substance abuse, academic failure and obesity.


This priority area lacks the benefits of strong leadership and interagency collaboration. Accordingly the IF Foundation aims at creating a participative approach to solving the most critical of social issues facing our community, by leveraging the collective energies of all in a way that amplifies them.

The IF Foundation works closely with key stakeholders such as local government, criminal justice agencies, education institutions and local groups to aggregate efforts and create a critical mass that builds momentum to bolster the efforts and effectiveness of all initiatives.’

Working in isolation makes it impossible to address the issues effectively. Change will only happen with a collective effort based on common principles.

The Board

The IF Foundation board comprises:

  • Mr Andrew Sarich (Chairman)
  • Ms Amee Meredith
  • Mr Darren Marshall
  • Mr Brendan Parker

Executive Officer

Brendan Parker