All teachers must see gut wrenching doco ‘Bully’

A “GUT-WRENCHING” documentary that exposes the daily abuse copped by bullying victims should be mandatory viewing for teachers, a leading mental health figure has said.

Chris Tanti, the CEO of the youth mental health foundation Headspace, says teachers should have to watch Bully, an M-rated American film that tells the story of traumatised young victims.

“It’s a pretty gut-wrenching film,” Mr Tanti said. “Everyone I know who has watched it is pretty mortified.”

“It should be part of teacher’s training and for people who work in mental health as well,” Mr Tanti told


“These were kids that were targeted and were the punching bag in schools and not many people did anything about it.”

Filmmaker Lee Hirsch was so concerned by one of his subject’s safety he was compelled to intervene, capturing raw video of teachers consistently ignoring the plight of a student.

Kevin Bates, the president of the Queensland Teachers Union, said governments like his should consider putting the video on the teacher intranet.

School is a critical place to stop bullying, before it leads to kids developing violent behaviours said Dr Judith Slocombe, the head of the anti-bullying Alannah and Madeleine Foundation. is running a campaign to stamp out senseless violence of all kinds called Real Heroes Walk Away.

Education Minister Peter Garrett said anything that can bring the issue of bullying to the forefront was a step in the right direction.

Student teacher Katherine Edwards, 22, said she found some of the behaviour from teachers to students in the documentary abhorrent.

“It was so frustrating, they did nothing.”