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Drop in Drama

Starting this year our drama program has resulted in enthusiastic and engaged kids who are loving the class!


We have a huge range of successful workshops that run throughout the year – from the Father & Son program to our Pilbara Life skills program.

Roebourne Girls FX

Our international leadership program is close to commencement. We are about to send 8 young women and 5 elders from across the 4 Pilbara Shires departing for New York on September 2nd!

Stop the Punch

The IF Foundation has formed with a national collective of organisations committed to eradicating community violence in Australia. The collective represents a united approach to Stop the Punch and end the epidemic of people being injured and killed by senseless violence in our community. There are 4 core areas we...

Mum’s and Bubs

Our Mum’s and Bubs program has been running for the last few years in the Pilbara and has grown from strength to strength. The core structure of the program is to encourage Mothers and Children to get together on a weekly basis and partake in engaging activities. These include; swimming,...

International Modelling Program

The IF Foundation primary focus is to introduce the arts to our WA youth. As we believe the ‘arts’ provide an avenue for young people to grow their creativity & confidence.  One of the key ways we are achieving this is through their Roebourne Girls Academy whereby we facilitate life...

What If You See a Fight?

If you’ve ever encountered a fight before, you’ve probably been filled with conflicting emotions and hard questions. Do you try to break it up by getting between the parties?

Teaching Children to Respect

Discipline is an important part of childhood. But as parents, it can sometimes be difficult to walk the fine line between being strict and scaring your children.

Pilbara to New York

Last week Jahlana Roe and Lisa Marie Rodd headed off to New York with Fiona White-Hartig, Kaye ‘Nanna’ Jones, Finola Woodley and Karna Smith as part of a leadership, cultural exchange tour.