90 Killed in One Punch Assaults Since 2000

”One-punch” assaults have cost 90 Australian lives since 2000, most in booze-fuelled bashings, a study has found. Each victim was killed by a single blow to the head or when they fell unconscious, striking their skull against the ground. One Punch Assaults

We Can Learn From Road Safety Fight

There is widespread concern about the recent deaths from alcohol-fuelled violence. There is the risk, however, that in the same way the gun debate in the US flares after every shooting then fades away without change, a similar pattern will emerge in Australia. And as surely as each death fades...

Cowards Punch

Alcohol fuelled violence again overshadowed the festive season celebrations with a number of incidences occurring across the nation. The family of Daniel Christie who lays fighting for his life after being assaulted on New Years Eve are pushing to have the term “King Hit” now referred to as a “Cowards...

Schools Out – Party Smart

It’s nearly time for the Class of ’13 to let down their hair at leavers’ events. But don’t let bad choices ruin the celebrations. Whether they are heading to Rottnest, Dunsborough or perhaps further afield to Bali, school graduates will be looking to celebrate the end of their final exams...

Indigenous Models Inspire Others

Lisa Marie and Jahlana have returned from New York and are already hard at it sharing their experiences with schools and community groups in Roebourne and Karratha. They were joined by model Samantha Harris fresh from her stint at Perth Fashion Festival. Indigenous Models Inspire Others

Pilbara to New York

Last week Jahlana Roe and Lisa Marie Rodd headed off to New York with Fiona White-Hartig, Kaye ‘Nanna’ Jones, Finola Woodley and Karna Smith as part of a leadership, cultural exchange tour. The initiative, which has stemmed from the Roebourne Girls FX Academy in the Shire of Roebourne, one of...

Teaching children to respect you, not fear you

Discipline is an important part of childhood. But as parents, it can sometimes be difficult to walk the fine line between being strict and scaring your children. So do you teach your children respect, without teaching them to be afraid of you?

Set Any Number of Columns

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