Imotiva Kokoda 2012 – Walk for a Cause


There is no question that the 96km trek over some of the most rugged and mountainous jungle terrain in the world is a significant challenge with amazing outcomes.  Many Australian’s have completed the walk, all with their own personal reasons and outcomes. Most have found the walk incredibly humbling and a life changing experience.

The Kokoda Trail saw our Australian soldiers display incredible resilience, strength and determination to never give up and complete the job they were given.  The Kokoda Trail is regarded as one of our most significant battle grounds of WWII.  If these courageous men failed to defend the Trail, the Japanese Imperial Forces would have invaded Port Moresby and been in a position to launch an invasion of Darwin on the Northern Point of Australia.

There were many epic tales that followed from Kakoda.  The stories all carry the same message, they simply never gave up to achieve their goal.

The Imotiva Kokoda 2012 – Walk for a Cause, provides an opportunity for a group of Australians to walk side by side on the Trail to make a statement of action against the senseless violence caused by anti-social behaviour.

Completing the trek will afford a sense of purpose, reflection and mental strengthening that will foster positive pathways back into each individual’s position in society and everyday life.  The Trek will also be an opportunity to share experiences and develop a network of genuine friendship that will last a lifetime.

The Imotiva Kokoda 2012 – Walk for a Cause, will enable us to retrace the footsteps of these brave and courageous men and experience some of the conditions they endured in this harsh terrain.


Please read the Trek details below and when you’re ready and committed, please register and pay your deposit by clicking the following link:

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If you have any queries, please email

Costs & Funding

The cost for each person is A$4,840.

This includes return airfares from Brisbane to Port Moresby, all Papua New Guinea related transport, accommodation and Trek related costs such as meals, camping equipment and it also includes a Trek Personal Porter who will carry your back pack.

Additional Costs: You must organise and pay for your own travel to Brisbane.  You are also required to obtain your own Papua New Guinea visa.  You are required to obtain travel insurance with Emergency Evacuation Cover.  Travel insurance is compulsory and proof of purchase must be provided.

Payment Schedule:

Registration Deposit: A$840 (non-refundable)

Stage Payment (Friday 6th July): A$2000

Final Payment (Friday 3rd August): A$2000

We are working with sponsors to try to reduce the overall cost which might mean the 3rd payment is smaller than expected.  We will provide any information regarding this in due course.

All participants will be required to commit to fundraising, with a target of a minimum of $4,000 per person the goal.

Your itinerary

October 8th you will depart Brisbane Australia (all participants to make their own way to Brisbane) and arrive in Port Moresby. Day 2 you fly, plus road travel to Kokoda Village, where you commence trekking. Day 10 October 17th you finish your trek at Owers Corner and travel back to Moresby by road. Day 11 October 18th you depart Port Moresby and arrive back in Brisbane Australia. You need to make your own arrangements back to your city of origin from here

International Flights

08 October   –   Air Niugini departing Brisbane 1740, arriving Port Moresby at 2050

18 October   –   Air Niugini departing Port Moresby at 0615, arriving Brisbane at 0920

Kokoda Information Guide

Passport & Visa Information

Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of return to Australia. Your passport must be in good condition with no missing or torn pages.

All Australian nationals require a visa for entry to PNG and this is your responsibility.

Health and Vaccinations

We strongly recommend that you consult your Doctor regarding appropriate vaccinations for your travel to Papua New Guinea and especially to obtain suitable malaria protection.

You should contact your doctor at time of booking and have a medical check (recommended) to ensure you are healthy and ready to commence training. At this time you can consult with your health professional on vaccination matters.

There are no compulsory vaccinations required for travel or entry to PNG. However, your health professional may make recommendations for your personal circumstances. Vaccinations should be attended to early and not left till the last moment before travel.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is compulsory for this trip. The policy must include Emergency Evacuation cover.

We recommend that you take out insurance now. This is to cover any cancellation costs which may be incurred by you in the event of you cancelling as per the terms of the policy.

You must provide us with you Policy Number and an International 24 hour emergency assistance contact phone number for you insurance company. These details are required on or before final payment date.

Final Documents

All documents will be issued and sent to you 2 weeks prior to departure.