International Modelling Program

The IF Foundation primary focus is to introduce the arts to our WA youth. As we believe the ‘arts’ provide an avenue for young people to grow their creativity & confidence. 

One of the key ways we are achieving this is through their Roebourne Girls Academy whereby we facilitate life changing opportunities for teenage girls.  These opportunities are connected to the international modelling world, providing developmental learning, deportment and organisational skills. This exciting IF Foundation program has been a huge success and over the last few years we have sent some lucky individuals to New York twice, we are heading to Paris this year and in 2015 we are off to Asian fashion week. 

The Paris opportunity will see 8 young people from across the four Pilbara regional areas, Shire of Roebourne, Town of Hedland, Shire of Ashburton and Shire of East Pilbara to travel to Paris and be part of an international development and mentorship program. 

Supported by the Ochre Contemporary Dance Company, the girls will be mentored by both Aboriginal and non-Indigenous dance Professionals, the fashion show will tell Australian stories through fashion and dance. 

There will be five months of preparation and training with a focus on skills development and mentoring. An important inclusion as part of the project is a series of visits to community groups and educational institutions in Paris to gain some additional cultural perspective and exchange.