Luke Meets Heroes of 2/16th Battallion

Luke had the privilege to meet heroes from the 2/16th Battallion on Sunday April 22nd. Luke learnt about the Kokoda Trail from diggers with 1st hand experiences, and heard heroic tails of courage and survival.

From the 26 August to 16 September 1942 the 2/16th Battalion, together with their brothers-in-arms of Brigadier Potts’s Maroubra Force ( the Victorian 2/14th, the South Australian 2/27th, the militia 39th and scattered elements of the ill-trained militia 53rd battalions), out-numbered by an estimated 5:1 (and out-gunned by superior weaponry), fought the Japanese to an eventual standstill on the ridges over-looking Port Moresby, in what will forever go down as one of the most heroic defensive actions in the annals of military history.

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