Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture – Nitestar Project

‘Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture’ Nitestar Performing Arts Program

We are very excited to be working with Healthway to launch the ’Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture’ NiteStar Performing Arts Program in the Pilbara region, WA.

Using a theatre-based model incorporating drama, music and peer education, the program will help guide pre-adolescents, adolescents and young adults as they confront the many challenges of growing up.

The program is designed to diffuse myths, provide health and social awareness relative to drugs & alcohol, teen pregnancy, violence and to help youth make informed decisions, provide positive options for changing attitudes and prejudices, and create opportunities for behavioural change.

The program ties in with Healthway’s Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture key messages:






 Health and social issues relating to young people in the Pilbara continue to be of real concern and direct means of addressing them are limited. The ‘Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture’ Nitestar Perfoming Arts Program will bring young people together to engage in the exploration of issues that are common to many youth in the region.

David Williams, Ariana Paganetti and Marri Wright will head from New York to Karratha, WA from July 2-27 to conduct a series of workshops – rehearsing and producing ‘The Best I can Be!’ and “Everybody’s Doing It”, which are short plays focusing on positive self image, decision making, negotiation, bullying, peer pressure and affirmation for a target audience of upper primary age students.

The initiative will consist of a one-week schools workshop program and after-school rehearsal, flowing into a two-week full-time holiday rehearsal period. This workshop will culminate in a series of performances at St Luke’s College Performing Arts Centre.

Schools participating in the visiting tour production will include:
1. Dampier PS
2. Millars Well PS
3. Pegs Creek PS
4. Karratha HS
5. St Pauls PS
6. Roebourne Community Schools
7. St Lukes HS