Rossco’s story

Meet Rossco. A 35 year old Loving husband, fitness fanatic, ex-army Non Commissioned Officer and Princes Trust Award recipient.

Over a year ago, in one moment of senseless violence his life was changed, as he knew it.

Just a mere 14 days after Luke Adams’ was attacked, Rossco heard noises of commotion outside his suburban home. In a place where children were commonly found laughing and playing, the neighbourhood had suddenly turned into a dangerous environment. With the intention of restoring peace into the hostility, Rossco walked outside to see what was going on. Bravely, Rossco chased one carload of people away. He returned to catch the other car.

The next thing Rossco remembers is being dragged to the side of the road covered in blood, having experienced a period during which he had no recollection of.

Rossco had been hit and thrown over a sports car travelling at 60km/h.

After the damage had been assessed Rossco was told he would have to learn to walk again.

Over a year later, Rossco has not stopped at just that. He is currently preparing to take on the treacherous Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea to raise money for The Luke Adams Foundation. Going nowhere without his 18kg pack, Rossco is training hard to be as fit as he possibly can be for the 8-day walk.

Defying the odds, Rossco believes that it is his fighting spirit that has kept him alive and given him the opportunity to attempt the 96km trek.

“It is who I am as a person. I do not give up and it is what has got me through.” Rossco said.

“Even while I was in the hospital, I convinced the nurses I needed a wheel chair. At night I would be found doing interval training in the chair down the deserted corridors. It’s just who I am.”

Despite the consequences of this violence, Rossco forgives his attackers.

“People always ask me if I am angry. I have had friends from my time in the Army offer to ‘handle’ the situation, but I think more violence breeds more violence. What’s the point? It does nothing and is not a viable way to live life. The trick is to break the cycle.”

Rossco has been able to draw plenty of inspiration from Luke Adams.

“What Luke has been through and to see where he has come shows courage. His story has given me so much motivation.”

Rossco will be setting off on the 8th of October for the Luke Adams Walk for a Cause. You can help make a difference by donating at


Written by: Shae Bolton