Star veterans, budding actors & “shame”

Update from the ‘Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture’ NiteStar Performing Arts Program:

“On Monday, we returned to Wickham to conduct an after school-program now that school is back in session. We had a group that consisted of returning stars as well as some new comers. We started light to reacquaint the veterans and warm up the newcomers.

The next day, we started our tour with Karratha High School. We had been graciously invited to visit the year 8, 9, and 10 drama and media classes and were met with a fantastic mix of eager budding actors as well as some more reserved but willing beginners.

The class times are quick, so we have streamlined the workshops to get to the meat of things quickly. For the year 8 and 9 classes, we began with some warm up exercises and moved into activities that challenge young people to check in with their own values and opinions. This led to some great conversations about bullying and fighting, the causes of each, and the potential alternative resolutions to conflict. The students were wonderful and we are looking forward to moving forward with them!

On Tuesday afternoon, as we arrived back at Wickham, we were pleasantly surprised to find a number of young people whom we know quite well from Roebourne Youth Centre! We played several games to get the young people loosened up and ready to be creative.

When it came time to play “Freeze Frame”, one of our more enthusiastic new comers from Roebourne explained that he would not be participating because of “shame.” This brought up an excellent opportunity to discuss shame, where it comes from, how we sometimes let us hold us back, and why we don’t have to let it restrict us. This gentleman immediately became as enthusiastic a participant as our star veterans!”