Wickham After School Program

Update from the ‘Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture’ NiteStar Performing Arts Program:

“We had an excellent day at Wickham on Wednesday! Our tried and true recurring performers were back and ready to work. Two of the older boys from the day before returned for another day, and this time they were on their feet and right in the thick of it.

We started out light with some fun exercises which are group oriented and non-threatening. Then we moved into a more advanced game of “Freeze Frame”.

At first, the older boys were overcome with shame and, while they enjoyed watching the improvisation happening on stage, they did NOT want to participate. But with some encouragement and support, both boys got up and gradually worked their ways into interaction with the other actors on stage.

We finished the day with two scenes, in which all participants participated. One scene addressed friendship and how petty arguments can make us forget what is important, and the other quite beautifully addressed the issue of exclusion vs. inclusiveness on the footy field. It was inspiring to see the more reserved youth gradually ease their way into full participation!”